Series 2000 - Instruction

Policy 2000: Student Learning Goals

Policy 2004: Accountability Goals

Policy 2005: School Improvement Plans

Policy 2010: School Improvement Teams

Procedure 2010-P: Collaborative School Governance Decision Area Matrix 

Policy 2020: Course Design, Selection, and Adoption of Instructional Materials

Procedure 2020-P: Procedure Course Design, Selection, and Adoption of Instructional Materials

Form 2020-F: Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

Policy 2022: Electronic Resources and Internet Safety 

Procedure 2022-P: Electronic Resources and Internet Safety

Form 2022F1: Student Image Opt Out Form

Form 2022F2: Equipment Use Agreement (6-12)

Form 2022F3: Responsible Use Agreement (K-5)

Form 2022F4: Adult/ Staff Acceptable Use

Policy 2023: Lesson Plans

Policy 2024: Online Learning 

Procedure 2024: Online Learning 

Policy 2025: Copyright Compliance

Procedure 2025-P: Copyright Compliance

Policy 2029: Animals as Part of the Instructional Program

Procedure 2029-P: Animals as Part of the Instructional Program

Form 2029-F1: Canine Hold Harmless Agreement_Individual Animal in Classroom

Form 2029-F3: Parent Permission Form 

Form 2029-F4: Staff Request Form

Policy 2030: Service Animals

Procedure 2030-P: Service Animals

Policy 2080: Comprehensive Student Assessment System

Policy 2090: Program Evaluation

Procedure 2090-P: Program Evaluation

Policy 2100: Instructional Program Offerings

Policy 2101: Instruction in Basic Skills and Work Skills

Procedure 2101-P: Instructional in Basic Skills and Work Skills

Policy 2104: Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs

Procedure 2104-P: Special Instructional Programs

Policy 2106: Program Compliance

Policy 2107: Comprehensive Early Literacy Plan

Policy 2108: Remediation Programs

Procedure 2108-P: Remediation Programs

Policy 2110: Transitional Bilingual Education

Procedure 2110-P: Transitional Bilingual Education

Policy 2121: Drug Free Schools

Procedure 2121-P: Substance Abuse Program

Policy 2125: Health, Family Life, and Sex Education

Policy 2126: AIDS Prevention Education

Policy 2130: Character Development

Procedure 2130-P: Character Development

Policy 2133: Diversity-Multicultural Education

Policy 2140: Guidance and Counseling

Policy 2145: Suicide Prevention

Procedure 2145-P: Suicide Prevention

Policy 2150: Co-curricular Program

Procedure 2150-P: Co-curricular Program

Policy 2151: Interscholastic Activities

Policy 2153: Non-curriculum Related Student Groups

Procedure 2153-P: Non-curriculum Related Student Groups

Policy 2161: Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students

Procedure 2161-P: Education of Students with Disabilities

Policy 2162: Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504

Procedure 2162-P: Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504

Policy 2165: Home or Hospital Instruction

Procedure 2165-P: Home or Hospital Instruction

Policy 2170: Career and Technical Education

Procedure 2170-P: Career and Technical Education

Policy 2171: School to Work

Policy 2178: Traffic Safety Education

Procedure 2178-P: Traffic Safety Education

Policy 2180: Parent, Family and Community Partnerships

Policy 2190: Highly Capable Program

Procedure 2190-P: Highly Capable Program

Policy 2210: Grade Organization

Policy 2220: Master Calendar

Policy 2221: Supplemental Programs

Policy 2240: Summer School

Policy 2255: Alternative Learning Experience Programs

Procedure 2255-P: Alternative Learning Experience Programs

Policy 2320: Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education

Procedure 2320-P: Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education

Form 2320-F: Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education

Policy 2322: Contests

Policy 2331: Controversial Issues/Outside Resource Persons

Policy 2333: Flag Exercises

Policy 2336: Ceremonies and Observations

Policy 2337: Disability History Month

Policy 2340: Religious-Related Activities and Practices

Policy 2410: High School Graduation Requirements

Procedure 2410-P: High School Graduation Requirements

Form 2410-F: High School Graduation Requirements

Policy 2411: Certificate of Educational Competency

Policy 2412: Diplomas for World War II Veterans

Policy 2413: Equivalency Credit for CTE Courses

Policy 2414: Community Service

Policy 2418: Waiver of High School Graduation Credits 

Procedure 2418-P: Waiver of High School Graduation Credits

Form 2418-F: Form for Waiver of High School Graduation Credits

Policy 2419: Intervention Policy for Grades K-10

Policy 2420: Grading and Progress Reports

Procedure 2420-P: Grading and Progress Reports

Policy 2421: Promotion and Retention

Procedure 2421-P: Promotion and Retention

Policy 2422: Homework

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